You’ve Never Let Me Down

Hammonasset Conditioning + Fitness – Bootcamp/HIIT


Warm-up (No Measure)

8 minute AMRAP:

100 meter row

10 push up down dog

10 pass thrus

10 air squats

50 jump rope singles (25 DU)


Metcon (Calories)

In teams of 4

36 minute EMOM:

Minute 1: 12 power cleans (challenge yourself!)

Minute 2: 12 box jump overs

Minute 3: max calorie row (go hard!)

Minute 4: rest
*Partners will start at one of the 4 stations

*At the top of every minute, the whole team will rotate to the next station in order

*Score is total calories rowed

*Goal is to go hard and earn your rest! Increase or decrease reps as necessary