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200 Meter Easy Run

30 Seconds

Straight Leg Inchworm to Push-up

Air Squats

Push-up to Down Dog

Air Squats

Front Plank to Push-up Planks

Air Squats

Modified Barbell Warmup

5 Romanian Deadlift

5 Hang Muscle Cleans

5 Front Rack Elbow Rotations (Each)

5 Front Squats

5 Strict Press and Reach

5 Push Press

Movement Prep

5 Pausing Deadlifts

5 Deadlifts

5 Pausing Front Squats

5 Front Squats

5 Pausing Push Jerks

5 Push Jerks


Partners share the run and switch holding the med ball every 100 meters.

Weight increases after each set.

Flow looks like this:

400m shared run

50 reps of everything

400m shared run

40 reps of everything

400m shared run

30 reps of everything

400m shared run

20 reps of everything

Metcon (Time)

Teams of 2

4 Rounds For Time (30 Minute Time Cap):

400 Meter Partner Med-ball Run (20/14)



Front Squats


Barbell Weights:

Males: 115-135 -155-175

Females: 85-95-105-115