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30 Seconds

Easy Row

Down Dog

Moderate Row

Up Dog

Faster Row

Musical AbMats

* Place AbMats in center of room

* There should always be one less AbMat than there are people

* When the music is playing, athletes are jogging, skipping, or hopping around the AbMats (hops & skips will warmup for double unders)

* When the music stops, athletes will try to sit on an AbMat

* The athlete who is out will lightly row for the remainder of the game

* After each round, athletes still in the game will complete 5 AbMat Sit-ups

* Last person left is the winner


Movement Prep

Sit-up Prep:

5 Slow AbMat Sit-ups (Emphasize Breathing Rhythm)

5 AbMat Sit-ups

Double Under Prep & Practice:

20 Seconds Easy Single Unders

20 Seconds Higher Single Unders

EMOM 5-8: 20-30 Seconds of Double Under Practice (Rest Until the Top of the Minute)


Metcon (Time)


40/35 Calorie Row


Double Unders

AbMat Sit-ups


40/35 Calorie Row
DU Substitutions:

Reduce Reps

Practice Times: 90-75-60-45-30 Seconds of Practice

Single Unders: 100-80-60-40-20 Reps