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3 Rounds of “Rowling”

Sharing a rower with a buddy, athletes will complete 3 rounds of “Rowling”. Goal here is to land exactly on 100 meters without going over or under. If an athlete lands on 97 or 103 meters, their score is 3. If someone gets a “strike” by landing exactly on 100, they do not have to complete the penalty. For today, the penalty will be AbMat sit-ups.

The buddy not on the rower will complete one of the active stretches below:

**Round 1:** Active Samson

**Round 2:** Active Spidermans

**Round 3:** Push-up to Down Dog


Bench Press (5-5-3-3-2)

Work in 2-3 warm up sets before hitting the 5 working sets at or around the percentages below:



Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

3 Rounds:

2 Minute Calorie Row

1 Minute Double Unders

1 Minute Sit-ups
Rest 1 minute between rounds