#MondayMember Spotlight

This week's #MondayMember is John!

John is a powerhouse! An awesome athlete and a friend to all, he consistently goes out of his way to introduce himself to new faces and encourage others in class. He is often the first to give a fist bump after a tough WOD. We love having John at Hammonasset CrossFt! Read below for what HCF means to John:

"'I'll never CrossFit!' I said this to my wife (Sarah) for years. I had heard stories of other CrossFit "boxes"… I was resolved to the fact that CrossFit was not for me. I was wrong. CrossFit does not define a "box" or gym, the members that make up that gym do. Some may say it is cliche to say gym friends are like family…I don't. I have forged relationships at HCF that are amazingly strong. I'm yelled at, pushed, encouraged, sweat on, fist-bumped- high-fived, and I love it. I have genuine conversations about work, family, politics, etc., that I am hard pressed to find anywhere else in my daily routine. HCF means family to me. The best example of this was during the 1st annual Wishing Wheels Bike Drive. My wife & I established a non-profit (Roots4Relief) for our daughters to empower children to make a difference in their community. With over 80 bikes to build (in a day!) and distribute to less-fortunate children, the task seemed daunting. But there, on the day of the event, next to my own family was my HCF family ready to go with tools in hand! It was an amazingly humbling experience, and I am so thankful that my HCF family played a part in it."

Fun facts about John:
*General Manager for Opus AVC, a residential integration company (Smart Homes)
*Two daughters (Grace-9, Abigail-8)
*Two dogs Max (beagle) Danny (black lab)
*Married to his life-long friend (Sarah Bishop-also an HCF member!), who he has known since Kindergarten. They will be married 14 years this Fall.
*A passion for music that stretches from Jam Bands, to Indie Rock, to Classic Rock, to Jazz, and everywhere in between.
*He believes in giving back to your community as much as possible. Created Roots4Relief (a non-profit dedicated to empowering kids to give back and make a difference in their community). Served as President of Guilford Center for Children, and currently VP of Guilford Land Conservation Trust.
*Craft Beer Lover. He is always up for a pint, and enjoys traveling the Northeast to explore craft breweries.
*Loves anything involving family…traveling, hiking, drives in the jeep, sitting/cheering on the sidelines, weekend trips to farmer's markets.
*Currently memorizing every word to Blackalicious's Alphabet Aerobics with Grace his 9-year-old. She's already up to letter P. 🙂

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