Fueling for Murph WOD

Every year on Memorial day, Crossfit gyms around the country participate in a workout called “Murph” in memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005 (read more about this courageous hero here: https://btwb.blog/2018/05/11/memorial-day-murph-who-what-why/?utm_source=facebook&utm_content=murph-who–)

The work out for time is:

1 mile run 

100 pull-ups 

200 push-ups 

300 squats 

1 mile run 

Here’s some tips for pre and post Murph fuel:

  • Carbohydrates are the body preferred fuel source. “Carb loading” the night before shouldn’t consist of three plates of spaghetti. Instead, enjoy a balanced meal including a healthful portion of complex carbs and don’t go to bed hungry. Some meal choices can include:
    -chicken, whole grain rice, and vegetables 

-fish and sweet potato or baked potato with a side salad 

-pasta with turkey and vegetables 

  • The morning of, make sure you eat something!  These are some good options 1-3 hours before Murph  

– oatmeal with fresh berries and nut butter

– a turkey sandwich on whole grain bread 

– ½ bagel with peanut butter 

– yogurt or smoothie bowl 

– orange and string cheese 

*Notice protein is paired with every carbohydrate (nut butter, turkey, yogurt, low fat string cheese, eggs)

  • If you’re an early riser and your breakfast was 2-3 hours before Murph, or your going to eat something quickly in the car ride to the gym, you should consume an easily digestible carbohydrate for some quick fuel such as: 

– a slice of toast with jam

– a small box of raisins 

– rice cakes 

– a small apple or banana

– a few sips of a rehydration beverage 

  • Remember, your moving muscles take priority over digestion during a workout so avoid high fat, high fiber meals right before to prevent an upset stomach.
  • Make sure you are staying hydrated in the days leading up to Murph, during the workout, and after. Enjoy mimosas after with your gym friends but keep your water bottle close by. 
  • When it comes to post work out fuel, keep in mind what your body needs to refuel after a strenuous workout. The goal of post workout fuel is to replete glycogen stores,  promote muscle recovery, and replace electrolytes to maintain fluid balance. The best recovery results are obtained if athletes begin consuming nutrients within the first 30 minutes after a workout. Pack fruit, dried cereal, or oats as a carbohydrate source and a protein shake, nuts, or hard boiled eggs as a protein source for after to snack on. 

After Murph, I’m sure majority of us are going to be headed to parties. Remember my mindful tip, “never eat anything you don’t enjoy and truly enjoy everything you eat.” Have a plan when you head to Memorial day barbecues. Let other people go first in the buffet line. Walk through the line once and take it all in. Then, go back to get your plate with food and make sure you only take food you really enjoy. Remember you are eating because you love your body and want the best recovery possible after a tough workout. Eat slow and listen to your hunger cues, and leave room for a tasty dessert! 

Happy Memorial Day!

Mindful Eating Tip of the Day

“Never eat anything you don’t enjoy, and truly enjoy everything you eat.” 

At a recent Mother’s Day party, I was eating a side dish and I caught myself thinking “I don’t really like this, it’s only on my plate because my aunt told me it was good.” Shaking the food police is going to be tough, but have a plan when you go to parties. Let other people go first in the buffet line. Walk through the line once and take it all in. Then, go back to get your plate and make sure you only take food you really enjoy. Eat slowly and listen to your hunger cues. Stuffing yourself full is no fun plus, I’m sure you want to leave room for a tasty dessert!