#MondayMember Spotlight…

This week our #MondayMember is Tina!

Tina has impressed us with her never-ending energy and desire to improve. We love having Tina and her husband Frank at HCF.  

Below are Tina’s words describing her HCF experience.  I think many of you can relate to her first session:) Thank you Tina for trusting us and coming back for more!

“When I started in HCF I remember being very discouraged after my first session, very sore – of course ☺️ and amazed to realize how weak I was and felt. Doing just simple exercises was challenging!

With time, hard work and encouragement from our amazing coaches and members, I am feeling stronger and stronger every day – physically and mentally. I love hanging with all the members and cracking some laughs! I met some amazing people at HCF that I can now call friends.”

-Tina M.

Tina has been married to her husband Frank for 7 years and is mom two little girls Gia (5) and Samie (3) and a dog Benson (Cockapoo). She is an illustrator/ graphic designer

When not at the gym, Tina loves hiking in the woods, bonfires, log cabins, traveling to her home country Slovakia, painting, …. and of course relaxing and finding some peace on the beach.

We feel very fortunate to have you at HCF!!

To nominate a HCF athlete for #MondayMember Spotlight, email us their name and few sentences telling us why you’re inspired by them.

-HCF Team

Our first #MondayMember is…

Our FIRST #MondayMember is…..Nicole Graham!

Nicole walked into HCF 3 years ago. She was a little nervous to start but those nerves quickly disappeared when she realized the coaches and HCF community were a supportive and welcoming bunch.


Nicole slays workouts at the 5am hour and does not have a problem throwing around weight that’s usually bigger than her! She is one fierce CrossFit athlete! In the Open this year Nicole RX’s 2 of the workouts. We are honored to have her at HCF and inspired by her drive and determination on a daily basis.


Fun Fact: Nicole has been married to her husband Keith for 20 years and has three sons, Jordan(24), Nick(18), and Vin(14). During the summer months, Nick and Vin join their mom at HCF. Nicole is a shining example of leading by example.


When Nicole is not at the gym, she loves spending time with her family especially watching her sons sporting events. She also loves running, cooking, and reading books. The beach is her paradise.  


Nicole- Thank you so much for sharing your fitness with us. We are so inspired by you.

Keep your eyes peeled to learn more about our spectacular athletes. 

To nominate an HCF athlete, email us their name and few sentences on how they inspire you. We love our members. Thank you for making us awesome.