Fueling On-The-Go


Do you find yourself skipping meals before and after workouts because you’re pressed for time? 

With little planning, you can be prepared! Stock your gym bag or car with these on-the-go fueling essentials. 

When you have less than an hour before your workout, try eating a snack made up of quick-digesting carbs like fresh fruit, applesauce or fruit puree pouches, fruit smoothies, pretzels, or low-carbohydrate sports drinks. 

For sustained energy throughout the day, snacks composed of whole-grain carbs and healthy fats are best! Fruit and nut bars, whole grain crackers and hummus cups, pre-popped low-fat popcorn, PB&J on whole grain bread, instant oatmeal, fresh fruit, and pre-cut veggies are all great options! 

Proteins are optimal for mid-day snacks or refueling post-workout to keep you satisfied and aid in muscle repair. Beef jerky, hard-boiled eggs, string cheese, Greek yogurt, deli turkey or chicken, dry-roasted edamame, tuna or chicken pouches packed in water, shelf-stable chocolate milk, or single-serve peanut butter packets are some great protein-packed options! 

Remember to stay hydrated throughout the day as well. Always carry a water bottle with you and aim to drink at least 8oz per hour!

Jordan Park