2016 CrossFit Open Final Standings!!


Hi All

Here are the final standings for our gym! We did great!  As a young gym, we really held our own against the experienced CrossFit gyms.  Our HCF team finished at 274 out of 399.  We came in right behind Guilford CrossFit (267)


Check out the custom leaderboard for HCF.  You should be very proud of yourself.  Now…back to training!

 2017 Open in only 52 weeks away:)



16.3 Recap

3 down, 2 to go!

I am so proud of our HCF athletes! We kicked butt on 16.3!  I saw a lot of athletes attempt bar muscle ups and GET THEM!  I love how CrossFit pushes you to try something new.  Who would of thought you would be doing or attempting bar muscle ups? CrossFit doesn’t stop challenging you.  It will continue to push you outside your comfort zone over and over again.  

On to the results…

Top RX Female Scores:

Jeannie-expecting to get 1 or 2 reps, Jeannie ended up completing 56 reps! 

Riley K-being young helps:) We had a lot of ladies compete in the RX division for 16.3.  Youth trumps all.  So proud of all the ladies who attempted bar muscles! Next year you’ll have them:)

Jess D-89 reps.  I allowed myself a re-do on this wod.  On my first attempt I had a “wardrobe” malfunction and could get my grips off wasting 15-20 seconds of time.  

Top RX Male:

Matt Bauer-Bauer killed this workout! 77 reps

Matt Menard-scored 53 the first time, 75 second time! HUGE difference! Nice job! Must have been your great Judge/Coach;)

Steve Rozea-went into the wod NOT being able to do Bar muscle ups! But with some last minute practice he was able to get 64 reps!!

Honorable Mention: Rob Lavigne-62, John DellVentura-64 and WILL-49! John and Will never even attempted bar muscle ups BEFORE the WOD.  They did them flawlessly! Amazing job!

 Top Scaled Female:

Melissa McCormick-141

Catherine Z-140

Jill Lingan-122

Top Scaled Male:

 Shane Koko-135 reps

Doug Pucillo-115 reps

Ed O’Malley-100 reps

So incredibly proud of all of our athletes! 2 more weeks to go!

Overall Top 10 HCF Athletes (minus the HCF Coaches)

1. Will Loftus

2. Jess Lavigne

3. Mike Vece

4. Matt Thomas

5. Andrew Bussman

6. Riley Koko

7. Shane Koko

8. John DelleVentura

9. Melissa McCormick

10. Chris Walsh


Overall the HCF team is 275 out of 405 teams.  Not too bad for a new gym!  The Shoreline Six-pack is sitting at 202!   

Come tonight for our 16.4 WOD release party! Yoga at 6:30-7:30.  Stay for LIVE 16.4 announcement!


16.2 Re-cap!

I know we are on 16.3 but I have to take a quick look back at 16.2!!

So many of our athletes kicked butt on 16.2. For starters, Jeannie did the workout TWICE! The first time she scored 173, second time she smashed it scoring 253! That’s amazing!

16.2 was such a tease. All you had to do was get through the reps and gain 4 minutes!  Sounds Simple. But really NOT so simple.  I have to say, I am not one to feel nauseous during a workout.  I certainly don’t make that my “goal” but 16.2 pushed me to that point. I believe I had to put my head on Rich’s shoulder mid toes to bar and almost cried then I thought I had 4 MORE minutes (thankfully I did not!) That workout was a lot harder than it looked.

16.2 Results…

Top Women RX scores: Jeannie, Jess L and Jess D

Top Men RX scores: Steve, Rob L and Matt Bauer

Top Women Scaled Scores: Catherine Zaneski 423 (who almost finished!!), Melissa McCormick, Elaina P 

Top Men Scaled Scores: Bobby Molloy 430 (finished the workout!!), Rich Lingan, Chris Walsh

 Spirit of 16.2 Award goes to…Matt Thomas! I have never seen someone try SO hard to get double unders.  He attempted the workout multiple times.  His perseverance and determination is inspiring! Way to go Matt! Now go buy a rope and keep practicing:)