and the Winners is….


I know, I know not everyone can be a winner. Not everyone needs a trophy.  But you guys really are ALL winners! I am so proud of you.  I’m proud of the ones who attempted the challenge or stuck with the challenge for only a little bit. Making a change is hard.  It requires us to be 100% READY.  Sometimes we are ready to THINK about making a change. Sometimes we are ready to TALK about making a change.  At some point, when all the stars align, you will be 100% to MAKE a change.  So YES,  I am 100% proud of those who finished and those who did not.  For those of you who did not finish…there will be more challenges in the near future;)

Now on to the results (drum roll please)

Best Blog Posts: 

Laura Luther

Elaina Parahus 

Carolyn O’Connell

Emily Alger

Melissa McCormick

Bloggers with Awesome Food Prepping Ideas:

Lara Hajek

Echo (Echo, like Oprah, only needs a first name)

Most Improved Performance in the Challenge WOD:

1st Place:

Elaina Parahus

Pre Challenge WOD score:  4+9

Post Challenge WOD score: 5+29!! OMGEEZ! You go girl!

2nd Place:

Melissa McCormick

Pre Challenge WOD Score: 4+33

Post Challenge WOD Score: 5+8 Holy Smacks! Beast mode!

Most Overall Points:

1st Place: Laura Luther 411 points

2nd Place: Elaina Parahus 409 points

3rd Place: Sarina Yekes 401 points


OVERALL Challenge Winner:

Elaina Parahus

Elaina blew the challenge workout out of the water! She also managed to maximize her potential points. On most days she was 100% compliant.  Thats amazing!  Elaina-way to go! You can definitely teach us a thing or two about staying focused.  I plan on conducting an interview with Elaina.  Stay tuned!

Honarable Mentions: 

Laura Luther

Man, this lady is amazing and hysterical! Her Facebook posts where always on point.  She always posted fantastic quotes and pictures of her running with her husband on her back (J/K).  Laura you are awesome and your dance moves are pretty bad ass too! Dance-off sometime?!

Sarina Yekes

This lady came, she saw and she took NO mercy.  In a very short period of time Sarina went from CrossFit newbie to CrossFit beast.  I saw the switch flip.  She went from completing WODs to really demolishing WODs! She would breeze past me on the runs and move around the barbell like nobody’s business. I could not be more proud of her.  You are fun to watch Sarina.  Keep it up! You are a rockstar!


I know there are a handful of athletes who did not post scores and results choosing to be more private.  I respect that. However,  I wish I could shout from the mountain tops your awesome results! Congratulations on your accomplishments! 

Again-Thank you all for making the first HCF Nutrition Challenge a success.  I received great feedback that I will implement into the next challenge.  

Great work everyone!  Remember…the speed doesn’t matter, forward is forward.