1 Week down!

Congratulations Challengers! 1 Week down!!

I have to say this first week was a real eye-opener for me.  On most days, I love eating my veggies and all sorts of crazy foods… ask my family:).  I really didn’t think my food choices would change when the Challenge started. 

Boy was I WRONG!

When I developed the Challenge my goal was to make it realistic and positive.  However, I knew there had to be a consequence for when we made some not-so-good choices. The consequence (-1 point) would hopefully help us think twice before taking a bite. It would buy us time (seconds) to decide if the food was really worth -1 point.

I have to say, this little -1 point has helped me realize how many times I grab food that I don’t REALLY want.

This little -1 point has helped me realize that a bowl of cereal or fudge pop isn’t so yummy after all.

It just isn’t worth the -1!!

Has anyone else identified a food that made you think twice?  Do you have a tip you could share?

Good things happen when your nutrition is on target. 

Take the next few weeks to experience the magic of good nutrition.

Stay strong my little Challengers!

Cheers to Eating Right, Moving More and Finding Balance