Come and get your JUMP ROPE!!

Hi Athletes!

Many of you have asked where to purchase a jump rope. We highly recommend purchasing your own rope. Purchasing your own rope will allow you to customize the length based on your height and the weight of the rope based on your skill level.

We will be placing an order for all interested athletes. You can customize everything about your rope including the handle color and rope color. FUN!

Take a look at the website listed below or the sheets at the gym to determine the size you need and the color combination you prefer.

Once we have everyone’s order we will place the order as a gym. The more we order, the less they will cost!!

HCF Rocks!

Hi All

I just want to take a minute and congratulate all our HCF athletes who took on challenges this weekends and ABSOLUTELY crushed them! 

We had several HCF athletes compete in the Dave Parcells Triathlon including Rebecca Banerji, Chris Walsh, Tim Henry and Coach Matt Menard’s wife Michelle. I would also like to recognize HCF athlete Missy Vest’s daughter Grace Vest. Grace completed the WHOLE triathlon at the age of 13! I am so impressed! GO GIRL!!

Coach Melissa McCormick ran a ½ marathon this weekend as well.  My legs are tired just thinking about 13.1 miles:)  You are a true leader.  Way to go Coach!

You are all tremendous role models.  Thank you for being awesome. We are so proud of you! Now back to training:)