Why Your Daughter Should Do CrossFit by Coach Kaylyn

Why Your Daughter Should Do CrossFit

1. 52,076 Role Models
52,076. That is the number of individual women who signed up to compete in the open. This number also does not include masters women and the other strong and amazing crossfit women who chose not to sign up for the open. When your daughter begins crossfit, she will gain hundreds of thousands of incredible women to look up to in the sport of crossfit. In today’s day and age where female role models can sometimes be hard to come by, crossfit provides more than enough strong and successful women who share a common passion for fitness and self improvement.

2. Life Lessons
Crossfit can provide every single participant with a host of life lessons, especially your daughter. Through crossfit, she will learn that hard work breeds success and that sometimes the journey is greater than the actual reward. She will learn to be humble, but strong. She will learn that just like WODs, sometimes life gets tough and you just have to tough it out. She will also learn that sometimes life is just plain fun and to embrace that. In today’s fast paced, uptight society, we sometimes forget to stop and just enjoy ourselves. Crossfit provides us with that outlet to become this incredible and strong person while still embracing the enjoyment of life and sport.
3. A Mentor For Life
Perhaps one of the greatest things your daughter will gain through crossfit is an incredible coach and mentor. Many crossfitters who have been doing crossfit for years still talk about their first coaches and how they influenced them and helped them. Your daughter’s coach will become not only her coach, but also her friend, mentor, and biggest cheerleader (besides you of course). Not only will her coach help to improve her lifting technique, but also to sort out the various problems that hit her throughout the course of her life.

4. Strength
Through crossfit, not only will your daughter gain strength in the physical sense, but also mental strength. Your daughter will learn what it means to push through the last few seconds of a grueling AMRAP and how to stand strong even when it seems like the WOD will never end.
5. Community
Imagine a place where your daughter is supported and embraced by all who enter. Crossfit provides a sense of community and support for anyone who joins. As your daughter enters her middle and high school years, it becomes more and more important to find a place where she belongs. Crossfit provides a sense of belonging for everyone. This is the place where people from all different backgrounds, faiths, careers, and lifestyles are able to come together over a common ground of fitness. You will find few places in the world that are able to unite such a large group of people over such a simple idea and provide them with a place where they can feel accepted and a part of something bigger than themselves.

6. Beauty
“30 Days To A Flat Stomach!” “Beach Body Is Yours!” “Drop 3 Dress Sizes In Two Weeks!” These are the cries of the corrupted industry of American beauty. Everyday, teenage girls are bombarded with thousands of images and identities supposedly defining the “ultimate” standard of beauty and demanding that we conform to it. Crossfit proposes a different route. With crossfit, your daughter will learn that there is no one ideal body type and that a woman is more than just a body. She is a powerful machine, capable of achieving greatness and moving the world with just one push. But, most importantly, she will learn that it is not a woman’s physical appearance that defines her, but rather her capabilities for who she is. She will learn not to look at parts of the body such as arms and legs as a physical definition of beauty, but rather incredible machines that can push the limits of human capacity and begin to define the human experience. Through crossfit, your daughter will learn to define herself not by what is reflected in the mirror, but rather what is shown in her ability to do incredible things.

7. Stand By What You Believe In
Over the years, crossfit has received more than its fair share of criticism. As the sport has pushed and redefined the limits and power of the human machine, people have become more and more resentful of the incredible success of crossfit. Yet, this can also be a valuable lesson. In life, people are not always going to agree with everything you say or do. Yet, sometimes we as human beings allow ourselves to obsess, to study, and to strive to please everyone around us. We conform to meet the societal expectations and that is what brings us down. To be the best you can be, you cannot follow in the footsteps of others, because it is the easy thing to do. You need to define what you believe in and stand by it, no matter how crazy it may sound to everyone around you or even yourself, it is necessary that you become your own person and your own identity regardless of what others think. Crossfit will teach your daughter to overcome this and to carry it on to other aspects of her life. Through crossfit, she will begin to believe that anything is possible if she simply stands by what she believes in.